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Lead Product Designer

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My Role At Trunk Club

Nordstrom Trunk Club connects customers to personal stylists and sends curated items and outfits to customers' homes to try before buying.

During my time at Trunk Club, I've led design across three problem areas, stylist tooling, Clubhouse operations, and customer retention.

Scheduling A Styling Appointment

During my time at Trunk Club, we enabled customers to schedule an appointment with their stylist. I led design from conception to execution alongside a cross-functional team of engineers, a product manager and a data scientist.

The Problem

Scheduling a Clubhouse appointment was inconvenient for both Trunk Club stylists and customers. The conversation required to schedule appointments took time and caused unnecessary friction. There was a clear need to provide our customers with a way to schedule an appointment with their stylist without needing a long and arduous conversation.

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The Solution

We wanted to create an experience that would allow customers to easily schedule an appointment with their stylist, and let the stylist know what they were looking for.

Success Indicators

  • Make it easy for customers (and stylists) to book in-house appointments

  • Reduce our high no-show rate

  • Gain better visibility into in-house activities in order to develop a holistic view into trunk and Clubhouse customers

  • Increase the number of Clubhouse appointments

The Results

Our initial beta launch performed extremely well by increasing the number of customers that scheduled an appointment with their stylist, and we reduced the no-show rate.

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